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Welcome to Queechy High School

Queechy High School is an inclusive learning community committed to building a safe learning environment for its large and diverse population. We instil our values of quality, harmony and success into all programs to develop a positive, nurturing culture. Alongside these core values is the ongoing development of a curriculum which provides rich learning opportunities to prepare our students as global citizens of the future.

Welcome Back from the 9th June (Term 2 Update):

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Information Regarding Student Return to Queechy:


Welcome back 2020 - A message from Student Leadership Board:

Arrangement for Bus Services in Term 2:

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Online Learning Update (7 May 2020):


Installing Office 365 on a Personal Computer:

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Learning at Home in Term Two: 

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Online Learning Updates

Home Learning resources 

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CANVAS Instructional Material

Accessing CANVAS on a Tablet or Mobile

Accessing CANVAS on Desktop or Laptop