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School levies at Queechy High School contribute to provide high quality education for our students. These levies provide materials, equipment, access to information technology, performances and excursions giving students experiences in the wider community. Access to these educational essentials enable students to participate in a diverse range of learning opportunities, resulting in successful learning outcomes. Levies have been developed in line with the recommendations from the Department of Education’s School Levies and Charges Procedures and in consultation with the School Association. Parents not approved to receive Student Assistance Scheme (STAS) will be invoiced at the beginning of the school year for the Required Levy. Those who have been approved for STAS for 2021 will not be charged this levy. Invoices for other charges will be issued over the course of the year. Parents/carers will receive monthly statements showing the balance owing.


The Required Levy is a contribution towards:
• Text Book hire
• Performances
• Library Resources
• Sports facilities
• Resource Materials for all subjects
• Audio Visual and Computer Resources
• Consumables; Photocopying; IT Resources (including each term printing allocation)
• All subjects (including Personal Pursuits)
• Recreational programs which includes carnivals and winter sports roster
• School ID card for Grade 7 and 9
• Locker hire (lock to be returned at the end of the year)
• Excursions- does not include overnight excursions as they arise and personally chosen after school activities
• General first aid supplies
• Reporting to parents
• Other learning materials
• NHSSA Sport


Most subject costs are covered by the Required Levy. However, some charges involve specific expenses or services that are optional.
These include:
• Interstate Excursions
• International Excursions
• Camps/Excursion experiences-non curricula
• Additional fees/charges outside the course outline
• Grade 10 Celebration Activities
• Other optional sporting competitions
• School photos
• Grade 10 Celebration t-shirt
• Additional MDT/Foods supplies outside the course outline

PLEASE NOTE: On occasion students will require a lunch pass and the parent/carer will be called to give permission to have a lunch pass. Students are only permitted to have one lunch pass until the money is paid back. Students also request to borrow money for a bus fare or to make a phone call. These amounts are to be paid back within the following two days after borrowing the money. After money is borrowed for two phone calls or two bus fares, a phone call will be made to advise the parent of the outstanding money.


The school is able to offer parents a wide range of payment options including any of the payment options below
• 10 x monthly payments (these can be directly debited from credit cards if desired)
• 4 x beginning of term payments
• Any combination of weekly or monthly payments.
• Centrepay (deductions from your Centrelink allowance)
Parents must ensure that their payment options are discussed with the school prior to the commencement of the school year. Stationery and Levies can be paid by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card (Visa and MasterCard), BPay or Service Tasmania. Details of how to make payments will be shown on your invoice and statement. Parents/carers are welcome to contact the School Business Manager if they wish to discuss levies/charges payments. Where levy payments are split between parents, a percentage split is recorded on the enrolment form. Written consent from both parties or Court Orders indicating split levy payments must be provided to the school with the enrolment form. This is to be updated annually when completing the Validation Form.

Student Assistance Scheme (STAS)

The Student Assistance Scheme (otherwise known as STAS) is changing in 2021.
If you are a current concession card holder (Centrelink Health Care Card, Low Income Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession card, or a Department of Veterans Affairs Pensioner Concession Card) you can apply using the form below: